Educational and transitional pathways:

Adriana graduated the high school in the filed of mathematic-informatics. Even she felt attracted by psychology during her high school studies, she choose her university in the field of automatics. She was disappointed by her studies and felt that she should make a change more close to her interests. Finally, after first year in university she decided to change her university field and choose another faculty in the filed of economy, having in mind to embrace a teaching carrier in university  after graduation, in order to satisfy her inclination for psychology. She wanted to choose psychology, but other external motivation regarding the financial status after graduation was more important. Her studies were accompanied by a lot of other changes and transitions in her life: new residence for herself, new people and social environment. During her studies she learn that actually the effort in studying and trying to be the best student may give her rewards. She tried also to keep good relationship with her teachers, in the view of a future teaching carrier in university.

Motivations and Strategies:

Adriana‚Äôs interest to become a teacher in university made her to look for practical stages during her studies. Unfortunately, the way in which university organized the practical stages was a disappointment for her, because still theory based approach was not what she expected. Anyway, she declared that even so, the practical stages helped her to understand better her domain of interests and she had the opportunity to discover some personal qualities that might help her in the future profession: punctuality, tolerance,  passion.

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