Ad hoc learning scenarios

In order to achieve some broader experience, Adriana chose to follow some other training courses in different areas like: journalism, computer initiation, pedagogical studies. Even her dream is to become a teacher in university, because of economical reasons she found a job in accountability and financial auditing. In the same time, she follow now the master degree in this filed.  

She was also interested to find a master abroad, but she recognise that she didn’t spent enough time to inform herself about different opportunities and also she was afraid because her command of foreign languages is relatively low. 

For the moment she is happy that she has a good job that is well paid, but she still feels unsatisfied, taking into account that to become a teacher is her dream. Anyway, for the moment is also not very hopefulregarding her teaching career, mainly because she think this is a very complicated process and also she would need some personal relationships in university, seen like an important obstacle for her.

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