Case studies Daniele: The own passions can become a profession. Especially in this kind of job-market.
Daniele: The own passions can become a profession. Especially in this kind of job-market.
Daniele: The own passions can become a profession. Especially in this kind of job-market.

Daniele: The own passions can become a profession. Especially in this kind of job-market. (6)

Motto: Don’t be afraid, follow your passion and create your street.

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Daniele (23, male) comes from a middle-class family, both parents are lawyers. At the age of 18 years he completes his upper-school with difficulties and poor marks. He finishes it because his parents wanted it. After that his father suggests him to get a year off, in which Daniele would have a work experience in order to understand what he like doing: if to keep studying or to start working.  Daniele always has a passion for movie-maker and theater but he have never thought to have need to study for it. He spends a lot of time with friends to recorder movie and short-film but without aims but just for fun. Daniele doesn’t like studying and also to be too busy with school or work. He prefers to have a lot of free time for himself to take part in parties and amazing events.


Educational and transitional pathways:

Daniele has relevant difficulties to graduate at his upper-school. He has to absolve special re-examinations, which he scrapes through. The parents hustle him to this school with the only aim at having a certificate as they think that without it not all further education possibilities would be open to him. Once they realize that their son is not really interested in studying they suggest Daniele an exchange:  they “give” him a year-off from studying in exchange of a work part-time experience. They hope that in this way Daniele can understand what he likes to do in his life. Daniele accepts and thanks to some personal contacts of his father he starts working as a shop assistant in a shoes-shop. After working and during the rest of the day Daniele is used to spend all his hours with friends without doing any particular things. The only thing he tries to do is to prepare a sort of exam in order to entre in a theatre school with limited access. He unfortunately doesn’t success in the application of theater school, although he applied for a place. After this year-off Daniele thinks to have lost his time working like shop-assistant. He found this work experience really boring and futile and he begins to consider again the possibility of studying. In this sense his father perseveres that Daniele should start a “proper education”.

Daniele starts with normal studies in the science of forestry at university. He selects it only because he guesses that this faculty would have been an easygoing field of study, which would not have consumed much energy. After 2 semesters he recognizes that this is not the case. Now he truly has to decide what to do, since meanwhile he is already 20 years old. He turns back to his old affection for the film business. After informing himself by the Internet, he registers at a private academy for media in order to absolve his bachelor in film after 3 years. This private academy would enable him to take a bachelor grade with the help of which he could “enter into film business”. The fact that this education costs a lot of money don’t bother him much as his parents raise the money for him. He attends this academy and after one year Daniele has passed the intermediate examination with “good” marks. Daniele is sure that without the work experience he would not have been able to understand the importance of studying in order to have a better personal and professional satisfaction.

Motivations and Strategies:

Daniele was no motivated student for school but only interested in his passion for movie-maker and theater. He often engaged strong energies in recording movie and making them with friends and also thanks to all easy free software on line. Despite it, at the beginning the only strategies adopted by Daniele were to experiment himself in different contexts without choosing them with awareness. What it means? That Daniel attended school and a faculty in line with the expectation of his parents without being active for himself. Daniele has never thought that his passion could become a profession. The strategy of taking a year off came from his father and Daniele accepted it in order to understand what he wanted to do in the following years of his life. Then after the work experience and the attempt to enter in a theater school without any concrete results his father insisted that Daniele needed a “proper education”.

At first he tried at random a degree program in forestry whit the only motivation to please his parents. Besides it, Daniele thought that this faculty didn’t require a lot of time of studying. Only experimenting it Daniel later realized that it was not what he wanted to do. After this experience Daniele returned to his old passion to learn how to make films. Despite likewise hard learning conditions he passed the intermediate examination with good marks, which meant that his motivation was strong enough to enable him to break through to his vocational path. He is proud of having selecting his way to carry out his dream job. The experience of work was also an important strategies suggested by his father in order to understand if working was better than studying.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

The experience of school and traditional university gave Daniele the possibility to understand that he was not interested in following a formal path of studying and especially that it was not possible to do what he didn’t like. He enough strove for pleasing his parents but only after some different attempts he learnt to follow his passions. School and university taught Daniele what he didn’t like.

The work environment played the same role because this experience offered Daniele the chance to learn that to study perhaps was better than working and also that he could study to make his passion a profession.  Here he also learnt that it made little sense only to follow the expectations of the parents, but indeed it was important to make one’s own way and stand up for himself.

Alongside of the above-mentioned scenarios we can remark that Daniele also enjoyed his friends. The passion for movie-maker shared with them suggested Daniele to get information and discover that his recreational activity could become a professions, thank to other experience listen on the internet.

Support Services used

After school Daniele used the support of his father. He relied on the “good” education and decided to start “normal” academic studies. Only once he realized that it made no sense for him to go on with the studies he decided to choose another form of support.

The internet became his new support service in order for him to find his current education. He had not gotten into it much earlier, but found no other way to inform himself comprehensively. His father could not help him as he had no contacts and no experience in the fields of film and media. Over the internet he found the most suitable solution for himself in a short time with no delays.

Learning type

Self-learning and self-management:

Daniele strove towards getting information fast and in a direct way to accomplish his vocational ideas in the best way. This succeeded the best way with the help of the internet (ICT, web 2.0 tools).

Formal learning:

At first Daniele chose a “normal” field of studies, to get a formal education. He then decided for another formal field of studies. This one is creative and artistic and complies with the affinity of Daniele.

Work as learning environment:

Daniele didn’t do such an interesting work experience as he didn’t achieve any particular skills. What Daniele learnt thanks to this action is that he understood very well to have the need to improve himself and follow his passion. If he had kept on following the expectations of his parents, he would have risked to lose his chances.

Information and Communication Technologies

Daniele used the internet only for vocational aims. Especially web 2.0 information and Google were helpful to him.

For the G8Way he recommends the following features:

  • a sort of e-guidance in order to have a support to chose and select different training and learning experiences,
  • a support to receive advice related to how to speak with the parents to explain them own dreams and plans.