Case studies Sascha, the ambitious dreamer
Sascha, the ambitious dreamer
Sascha, the ambitious dreamer

Sascha, the ambitious dreamer (6)

Motto: I should have simply worked harder in school. Now I have to do indirections in order to realize my dream.

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Sascha (19) is living with his two siblings at his parents. He has just finished school and is now looking for a vocational training.


Educational and transitional pathways:

Sascha´s transition from school to work has just started with finishing school. There, he has been “lazy”, has “messed things up” and had to repeat a grade. Today, he regrets that he has not exploited his potentials in school. He has catched up with his “Hauptschule certificate” (lower secondary school) in a vocational preparatory year.

Sascha has started already in childhood to think about his later job life. His dream jobs were all connected to chemistry (natural sciences, e.g. geologist, biologist). However, his educational achievements up to now have not been sufficient. Therefore, he plans to do a vocational training and after that to catch up with his “Abitur” (General Qualification for University Entrance) in order to probably be able to work in this field.

He has done his school traineeship in the field of Geology during school and wanted to do one in the biological field but did not succeed in finding one. Apart from this, he completed a traineeship in a garage. Sascha is currently looking for a vocational training.

Motivations and Strategies:

Sascha is driven by his dream of becoming a geologist but with having only vague ideas yet on how to achieve this. He is ready to take indirections in order to enter this job field. At the same time he is looking at realistic options that match his educational achievements which on the first glance seem to have no touch points to the geologic field. The incongruence between his desired job field and the fields he is currently advancing are exemplary for his way of advancing job life: instead of detailed long-term planning he is finding out about options and limits as he goes on.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

Struggling with the requirements for the dream job

Only two years ago, Sascha heard that there is a big competition around his fields of interest and that in order to work as a geologist the Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate is a minimum condition while for biology it even is “Abitur”. This was a big disappointment to him as he was so glad to have found a job he could like and did not expect it to be so difficult and time consuming. “It has taken too long before I found out about this and now so much time is wasted already”.  

He commits that he let himself go in school and did not think much about how to realize his job ideas. When still being in school, he did not want to spend much time on education but wanted to quickly get out of school and earn money. Looking back, he rates his low educational achievements as a missed chance that either prolongs his way to the desired job and requires a considerable amount of effort and additional time (as he has to catch up with school parallel to work) or forces him to give up his dream of working in geology.   

However, he is very positive about this dream which gives his vocational efforts a concrete aim. He is pragmatically thinking about other work fields (logistics, mechanics) that are achievable with his educational level and can serve as an interim solution.

Support Services used

The first help regarding vocational orientation was provided by Sascha´s school who employed social workers that introduced pupils to different working fields and provided consultation. Moreover, the school invited companies to present job options and the classes visited the Vocational Information Center (BIZ). Sascha found the information material on jobs very helpful (videos with job profiles and requirements), whereas the results of the competency test provided at the BIZ did not match with his interests.

As another important information source provided by the Employment Agency, Sascha named the Carreer Counselling where a professional talked to him about his future plans and prospects.  

Regarding his field of interest, Sascha had specific information need and therefore consulted an experienced adult: in a regionally situated museum, he interviewed a professor about the job tasks of a Geologist.

Family members of Sascha have been role models for different job fields. His grandfather had been employed by the Federal Armed Forces which for Sascha is an interesting option after having completed his Basic Military Service. He knows that there is a geologic department and hopes there will be re-training options for him.  His uncle works at DHL (logistics) and is trying to place him in the DHL one-year trainee scheme with the option of a vocational training place for successful participants.

Another support measure Sascha came across is a radio programme that announced vocational training offers your school graduates in cooperation with companies.

Sascha is a member of a local Youth club. He is visiting this place since 6-7 years to spend free time, to relax and to help at events. The club collaborators have become friends to him and offer support regarding vocational orientation and applications. The club does not provide courses but helps on individual demand of the young people. 

Sascha is very satisfied with the support available for him and sees no additional need. This stands in contradiction to his information deficit regarding vocational options in his field of interest that correspond with his educational level.

Learning type

In his transition from school to work, Sascha relies on social networks and the exchange with more experienced adults (his grandfather and uncle, vocational consultants, youth club staff…). He also includes practical experiences (traineeships) in his vocational orientation process. Apart from that, he learns situational by trial and error rather than making a plan and structurally collecting information.

Information and Communication Technologies

Sascha uses the Internet privately mainly to chat with his friends via social networks (he uses Schüler cc but not facebook because of security issues). He often uses the PC offline for listening to music and writing his applications. In order to find out about training options, he visits the websites of the Employment Agency.

Regarding G8WAY, Sascha suggests to provide up to date information on requirements in the application process (e.g. writing a CV) as well as on jobs. He is interested in the G8WAY website and asked for its release. In his opinion such a website should not only be offered to pupils and school graduates but also to adults who have dropped out of job life and wish to re-enter employment, like his mother who has been at home for several years due to child care.