Case studies Adriana

Adriana (5)

Motto: If you fall down, get up and keep going!

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Adriana is a 23 years old young women, born in a small village in Romania. At her 18 years old she moved in big town closet o her village and applied for university studies. She loves to travel, to navigate the Internet, she practice sport, even her daily current activity doesn’t allow her to spent so much time for her hobbies.


Educational and transitional pathways:

Adriana graduated the high school in the filed of mathematic-informatics. Even she felt attracted by psychology during her high school studies, she choose her university in the field of automatics. She was disappointed by her studies and felt that she should make a change more close to her interests. Finally, after first year in university she decided to change her university field and choose another faculty in the filed of economy, having in mind to embrace a teaching carrier in university  after graduation, in order to satisfy her inclination for psychology. She wanted to choose psychology, but other external motivation regarding the financial status after graduation was more important. Her studies were accompanied by a lot of other changes and transitions in her life: new residence for herself, new people and social environment. During her studies she learn that actually the effort in studying and trying to be the best student may give her rewards. She tried also to keep good relationship with her teachers, in the view of a future teaching carrier in university.

Motivations and Strategies:

Adriana’s interest to become a teacher in university made her to look for practical stages during her studies. Unfortunately, the way in which university organized the practical stages was a disappointment for her, because still theory based approach was not what she expected. Anyway, she declared that even so, the practical stages helped her to understand better her domain of interests and she had the opportunity to discover some personal qualities that might help her in the future profession: punctuality, tolerance,  passion.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

In order to achieve some broader experience, Adriana chose to follow some other training courses in different areas like: journalism, computer initiation, pedagogical studies. Even her dream is to become a teacher in university, because of economical reasons she found a job in accountability and financial auditing. In the same time, she follow now the master degree in this filed.  

She was also interested to find a master abroad, but she recognise that she didn’t spent enough time to inform herself about different opportunities and also she was afraid because her command of foreign languages is relatively low. 

For the moment she is happy that she has a good job that is well paid, but she still feels unsatisfied, taking into account that to become a teacher is her dream. Anyway, for the moment is also not very hopefulregarding her teaching career, mainly because she think this is a very complicated process and also she would need some personal relationships in university, seen like an important obstacle for her.

Learning type

Adriana is rader self centred person and she believe that hard work and personal experiences will help her to succeed. Her friends and colleagues are not seen as a learning resource and her learning type is rather individual. She is also mostly disappointed by her studies because they were to theoretical and she would prefers rather practical experiences. She satisfied her need for practical experiences during her current job, but also during other courses she took.

Information and Communication Technologies

Adriana is using Internet on the regular bases, declaring also that she might be an addicted user. Most of the time she is using Internet actually looking for knowledge and information, rather that socialising or networking. Google is the main tool she is using and also books and specialised reviews. She declares that she is o busy to be more active in social networks like Facebook.