Case studies Cristian

Cristian (6)

Motto: The right friend in the right moment!

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Christian is 24 years old young man, borne in a small town in Teleorman county of Romania. She lives in Bucharest starting with his university studies. During the university he lived in the campus, but now she pay the rent for a flat shared with her girlfriend.


Educational and transitional pathways:

After high school graduation in the field of mathematics-informatics, Christian applied for university in the same field. He graduated university in 2008. The university is a private one and for the moment has rather a bad reputation in Romania regarding the quality of students. After previous job experiences during his studies, he is now employed in a media production company.

Motivations and Strategies:

Being passionate by informatics he was interested to look for a job in this field. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a job in this field and decided finally to work in a media production company. He is not very happy with his current job and he declares that he is currently looking for a job in informatics.  In the same time, he is also hopping that maybe will have some opportunities to use his skills and knowledge in informatics in his current company, only in the case that the company will develop in the near future.

Ad hoc learning scenarios

Christian took his first job in the first year of university. A friend helped him to find a job interview opportunity and he start working. He worked there only for 2 months because he realised that he cant manage the university and job program in the same time. Anyway, the financial pressure made him realise that actually he really need a job and in the second year of university found another job and stayed there for few months. None of those two jobs were in the filed of his studies.

After university graduation, Christian tried to find a job in the filed of informatics. He prepared his CV and also used some job intermediation sites. He wasn’t successful because in spite of so many applications he did, very rarely a job interview opportunity appeared. Also he was disappointed by the job offers which were not convenient for him in terms of low salary. Main obstacle he learn to be in this process is that he didn’t have actually a previous job experience in the field of informatics.

Another obstacle he felt during the process was the bad reputation of his university, thinking that the employers avoid to look for graduates of this university.

After a few months effort to find a job in the field of informatics, Christian found about a job opportunity from a friend and he accepted a job in the filed of media production company. He was happy that the company offered him a training opportunity in the field and started working more confident and optimistic in this field.

Support Services used

Christian thinks that learning experiences in university but also the theoretical information was useless for his actual job.  He found now the educational offer of his university very poor from the view point of preparing students for a job in the field. Hi thinks that getting a job in the field of informatics for a fresh graduate is only a matter of good luck. He also sad that the university didn’t help him in any way in the job orientation or counseling. Actually, he thinks that the previous job experience was much more a real learning opportunity and helped him a lot on the current job.

Learning type

The main learning experiences that Christian value most is informal learning: learning from colleagues, learning from interactions with clients, learning from its own job challenges every day. Non-formal learning is also an experience that Christian value much. He thinks anyway that any other training course is more valuable form the transition and job integration perspective than university courses: The only advantage graduating an university is that I received a diploma, but certainly, the university didn’t helped me at all to see my way in a future career.

Information and Communication Technologies

Based on his own experience, Christian is rather skeptical regarding the usefulness of ICT tools for finding the right job. He thinks that for the moment the specialized site for job finding in Romania might be useful in principle, but he thinks that the offer should be improved. He things that the Internet may be a necessary step not sufficient in order to get the job you really look for.

Christian is satisfied by his current position in the company. In the same time, he would be happy to leave the company for a job in the field of informatics, but only if the salary and the work condition would be at list similar.

Christian thinks that he is lucky having good friends that helped him to find his job. That is why he thinks that he rather call a friend or a relative if is interested in a good job than to sign-up on different sites or social networks.