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Daniel (3)

Motto: Study what you are passionate of, work hard and hope !

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Daniel is 30 years old and loves in Bucharest. His passion is politics and everything is connected to this. In his free time he is following the news and the political programs and also is always looking on Internet for the news or political activities.


Educational and transitional pathways:

Daniel finished his high school in Bucharest in the filed of informatics-mathematic. After this he decided to change his field and chooses an university in the field of political sciences, based on his passion for this field. He also thought that political sciences is a new field in Romania and he could have in the future more interesting and challenging job opportunities. Before choosing the university, he was looking for the educational offer of different universities in Bucharest. He decided to go to an university that offers studies in political sciences in French language and also has young and very professional teachers. He hoped that studying in a foreign language will be an advantage in case he will decide later to continue his education abroad.

Transition dilemma:

After finishing his Bachelor in political sciences he had at least 3 options: 1) to find a master degree somewhere abroad, in order to valorise his studies in a foreign language, 2) to continue his studies in Romania with a master degree and than with PHD, but this options limited his will to have also a job experiences because of the busy study program, 3) to make a job application in political sciences field (External Ministry Affair, University teaching, or research institute). Finally, he chose to continue his studies in Romania with a master in international relationships filed. He didn’t want to take a job during his master degree because he thought that you can do 2 things in the same time, doing best in both. After finishing his master degree he intended to find a job. One of his friend recommended him for an interview for a research job in the field of external politics and international relationships. His job was an opportunity for him to experience more knowledge and practice in the field of diplomacy, journalism, research, public administration and consultancy.   He considered this job as a transition one, because actually he was interested to apply soon for a job in Foreign Affair Ministry.

Motivations and Strategies:

One of the most important motivation for Daniel to continue his studies in Romania and than to take a job was also financial, but the main motivation was based on his will to continue the studies in the same filed of his passion and also to follow a carrier in this field of political sciences, having like a goal a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affaire.

In order to find a job, he visited a lot of sites available in Romania, send CVs, attended job fests etc.  Even he had some job opportunities in other fields than his studies that were more well paid, he decided to follow his passion, even the salary in research area is not that attractive. He was aware that in order to get a stabile job means actually to start from the scratch and to make also some financial sacrifices. Finally, he get a job in research area thanks to a recommendation from a friend.

Job experience:

The main job integration factor in the research field was  for Daniel the fact that the team he start working with was also a young and enthusiastic one. He felt easy to adapt to his job and had even very soon very much success. He thinks that the fact that he was a very good and serious student allowed him to perform well in the research area.  The success motivated him even more and every day is challenge for him to learn and to overcome his boundaries. He enjoy his job, even is not very satisfied from the financial perspective. He is still dreaming at his job in the Ministry of Foreign Affair and he hope that one day will work there. Up to that moment he is working hard and hope.

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

-       Job intermediation sites: ,,

-       Google and other sites for general information and news;

-       Skype and yahoo messenger – keeping in contact with friends.