Case studies Soraja

Soraja (6)

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Mother tongue:

Swedish, with parents immigrated to Sweden from Bosnia and Croatia

Homestead(s) up to now:

Oskarshamn in Småland until 18 when I left for Lund for student life

Family background:

Father highly educated from Bosnia and mother from Croatia, immigrants without problems

Study background:

MBA programme at LUSEM (Lund University School of Economics and Management) but student life more important as reason to be in Lund

Personal profile in terms of interests, hobbies, friends, partners, memberships in associations, own family building plan, preferred lifestyle:

Basket ball, almost professional level with best friends still in Oskarshamn. Live as single but experience of relations with some long term boy friends. Lund changed the life to single living as preferred and big cities preferred such as New York

Present ambitions and contextual conditions for next step in life career:

To be successful both in studies and work. Finishing study programmes and always has parallel work with study


Study program engagements, work experiences, experience of different living conditions, other countries:

MBA programme with part-time job at SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) with very good value adding to my studies and vice versa. Spanish language selected as new foreign language in the study programme with learning at site, Argentina 8 months with visits to other Latin America countries.

Biographical notes on important changes in life, career plan or lifestyle. Key factors that have influenced the current life situation, positively and negatively:

Father very active and supportive to make me an active student with experience of campus life in Lund, be open for mobility and try new opportunities, such as student exchange with Argentina. Good family support for experimental learning of life opportunities.

Good and bad conditions in life for realization of current ambitions, lessons learnt. Experiences of positive and negative reactions from others to performed transitions or actions in relation to life career ambitions:

The part time work at SEB is done without any support (almost on the contrary) from Lund University but is considered very value adding to knowledge, skills and attitudes as a professional business administrator.

Ad hoc learning experiences

Experience of different kinds of formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences of relevance for present situation and personal self-confidence. Important learning experiences made of relevance for further career planning.

Non-Formal learning at SEB gives better competence than university studies. AIESEC has been a very good experience for me, going rather rapidly from a new member to currently being the president of AIESEC in Lund. AIESEC people are very positive in their mentality, creating opportunities for life. I live for challenges! 70% are inside and made by me, 30% addressed by others. Always open for new challenges.

Support Services used

Different kinds of services help and support from other people, friends, institutions, study counselors, social agencies, member organizations, AIESEC

My parents and family have been very important as a supportive resource for my life career. AIESEC is now a very important resource for me.

Experience of supportive Information and Communication Technologies

Use and experience of ICT for social networking, CV design, personal presentation, job seeking, project work etc. Features of ICT that are missing and would be nice to have.

Started Twitter yesterday, has also FaceBook and LinkedIn. Do not like blogging. Personal communication is OK and private-professional issues are blended. Universities must catch up with industry in state-of-the-art ICT, such as social media for use in ordinary studies at the University. Entrepreneurship should be more supported by university rather than only employability after studies.

Personal happiness and vision for a good life on Planet Earth, 21st century

What makes you happy? Have you ever experienced a moment in life when you were really happy? Do you have a vision of a really good life for you as a person from a lifelong perspective? How can that vision come through? What is missing?

I need challenges but often too lonesome as no friends can be as flexible as me. I want people that push me forward to new challenges.

Three times I have been happy:

1) when we won a finale match and a title in baseball as the manager of the team,

2) when graduated from high school as a student with good grades and all family and friends were there to celebrate me and my achievements in school,

3) when in Brazil with my closest friends being in the middle of nowhere (a rain forest) and not accessible to others than those in the small party in the jungle.

Note: People can become happy when all daily tasks are taken away from them by a force-major you cannot control and everybody can accept that you cannot do what you were expected to do or should do.