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Dovile (6)

Demographic and biographical Characteristics

Mother tongue:


Homestead(s) up to now:

Born in Lithuania, Klaipeda, until after school at 16 year of age, when I on own initiative move to Karlskrona, SE, by exchange of students between Klaipeda and Karlskrona. Supported by the father but all communication in Swedish, so forced to learn Swedish in non-formal mode. After returning and graduation from gymnasium I decided to go back to Sweden, but not Karlskrona. Instead I went to Lund

Family background:

Father run a small company, mother a journalist, no sisters or brothers

Study background:

Gymnasium in Karlskrona and Klaipeda

Personal profile in terms of interests, hobbies, friends, partners, memberships in associations, own family building plan, preferred lifestyle:

Dancing interest but recommended to not take it professionally, but learnt how to have a discipline. Scout member in 3-4 years in Klaipeda, but most time devoted to dance. Had a boy friend 3-4 older but different life experiences and life plans. Prefer cities like Lund but also Copenhagen and other big cities like Singapore.

Present ambitions and contextual conditions for next step in life career:

One year left on MBA programme in Lund. Plan to get a good job and engage in AIESEC as a good experience so far. Some work experience at Länsförsäkringar (Regional Insurance company) that give more competence than university studies. Six months experience via Erasmus programme of Singapore with very exciting experiences with nice people with very ambitious students. Travel experience of south Asia with experience also of "lazy" people, so very different from Singapore where people are stressed. Open for new challenges but no specific goals and can be Sweden, Lithuania or other countries but in urban context. Professional profile in finance and Ernst & Young as a possible employer.


Study program engagements, work experiences, experience of different living conditions, other countries:

MBA, Insurance company, dancing, scouting and travels in south Asia.

Biographical notes on important changes in life, career plan or lifestyle. Key factors that have influenced the current life situation, positively and negatively:

Have to be flexible and open to new opportunities, such as the Karlskrona experience. The goal is to have a good life, hopefully within finance.

Good and bad conditions in life for realization of current ambitions, lessons learnt. Experiences of positive and negative reactions from others to performed transitions or actions in relation to life career ambitions:

Parents are important. The social networking related to AIESEC in Lund is a good resource for my further personal and professional development

Ad hoc learning experiences

Experience of different kinds of formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences of relevance for present situation and personal self-confidence. Important learning experiences made of relevance for further career planning.

Experience of a Swedish formal study programme without any competence in the Swedish language. Experience of real life working conditions where you learn a number of important things that you don't at the University. Experiences from other countries give a broader background for your own life path planning with for instance different cultural context, such as Singapore compared to Karlskrona.

Support Services used

Different kinds of services help and support from other people, friends, institutions, study counselors, social agencies, member organizations, AIESEC.

Family and especially my father has been supportive for taking new challenges, such as exchange programme to other places for studies etc. AIESEC is a good social and professional networking organization that more informally helps me in my career planning. No use of formal labor market agencies so far.

Experience of supportive Information and Communication Technologies

Use and experience of ICT for social networking, CV design, personal presentation, job seeking, project work etc. Features of ICT that are missing and would be nice to have.

FaceBook used for social networking with distant friends, such as my friends in Singapore. Use also LinkedIn for my professional profiling. No Twitter. Google tools for study. Would like to have better information services to relate Sweden – Singapore and the university external connections should be better. The outside world is missing for students at Lund University, working as a closed factory for school work. I normally choose the most challenging alternative of studies.

Personal happiness and vision for a good life on Planet Earth, 21st century

What makes you happy? Have you ever experienced a moment in life when you were really happy? Do you have a vision of a really good life for you as a person from a lifelong perspective? How can that vision come through? What is missing?

When my family is proud of me and when I feel that my friends need me, that I mean something for someone. One moment of happiness was when Lithuania won the World Championship in Basket Ball and you felt a national proudness with Lithuanian flags on the streets etc. Another moment were when I had a Birthday party in Singapore, two weeks after arrival, arranged by my new friends.