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Guidline and Assistance

These guidelines should help you to recognize and record your skills and abilities. We have selected 7 areas of activities. For each area there are starting questions which lead you to your activities. It is not necessary to work through all areas. Start with those that you like the most. This online form will guide you through the process. To give you some ideas, there are lots of examples in the different areas.

  1. First, write down your activities in as much detail as possible.
  2. After this, think about what skills and abilities you needed and what you learned.
  3. Thirdly, assign your abilities to the different categories.
  4. For your CV (EuroPASS) or written application, it might be necessary to rephrase your activities and abilities. This is the last step.

Detailed instructions can be found by clicking on Tool. For suggestions by people who have already used the form, click on Examples.

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